OxfordHouseWhen jaw-droppingly-amazing soprano and new music advocate Juliet Fraser announced that her series Eavesdropping would be hosting a symposium “to reflect together on female creativity and the legacy and future of women in new music” I had my application out the internet-door in a hot minute. This is exactly what my soul is up for: a conference for a bunch of makers and thinkers to get together and share ideas and hopes and questions about being women in new music. There’s such a cool lineup of folks presenting at this thing: Ryoko Akama, Nomi Epstein, Jennie Gottschalk, Louise Gray, Miya Masaoka, and Andrea Young, just to name a few! (For full lineup, check out the Eavesdropping Symposium website.) The Symposium is open to all, so if you’re in/near London March 17th and/or 18th, stop on by! Events all day! I’m so pumped to be flying off to London – reconnecting with some old friends and hopefully making a bunch of new ones, while eating the dazzling indian food I’ve only dreamed about now for years. I’ll be singing three songs from my “White Fire” project (for more on that see my old post) that was originally commissioned by the fabulous folks at Experiments in Opera. Thanks to their initial belief in this project, the inspiration has continued in me to create more electroacoustic songs that explore the narratives of Hebrew Bible heroines in my projected first person voice account of their experiences. Bonus points to anyone who knows the jewish scholarly reference to which the title refers!

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White Fire on Eavesdropping Symposium
Sunday, March 18th, at 11:30am
Oxford House in Bethnal Green
London, UK