stevensWhen fellow Stevens profs Jeff Thompson, Seth Cluett, and I all realized we each wanted a day of crafting and tinkering on our own respective instrument projects, the idea of a marathon day of instrument building was born! Buoyed up by a common sense of communal creative purpose, we offer Instrument-a-thon, an 8-hour event that will provide a space and community for you to come with a dream and some materials and leave with the kazooballoonaphone of your dreams! We’re being sponsored by Nokia Bell Labs, so we can offer you a small instrument-building-kit if you’re one of our first 50 registered participants. We’re also being sponsored by Cycling ’74, so we have lovely Max download giveaways for participants as well! For more information on how to register and how to prepare, check out our facebook event here. I’m going to work on my new lighter, rubber-ier, hopefully more accurate MIDI trigger instrument! Come have some fun and help me saw some rubber!



Saturday, February 24th, 10am-6pm
Stevens Institute of Technology
Morton/Peirce/Kiddie Buildings – Floor 2
(At 607 River Street / Hoboken, NJ)