PaulaMatthusenPaula Matthusen is a composer of beautiful sounds and a thoughtful, generous member of the music community. When she invited me to come speak to her electronic music class  about my work, I was so excited to come see her in her new gig as chair of the Wesleyan Music Department. I talked to her class about my Portrait Pieces Project and about my work with HCI/MIDI trigger instrument building for my White Fire songs. I talked about my days with PLOrk and the antics we get up to in Sideband. I also described a bit about the scene in which I do my work and get my inspiration. I chatted with them about New Music Gathering and Exapno and what I do to keep those bubbling. Finally, knowing that some of the students in the room may go on to pursue full or part-time careers in music, I felt strongly that I needed to share my thoughts on the economy (or relative lack-there-of) of experimental music making. I invited them to consider that artistic quality needn’t, and very often doesn’t, correlate with financial support – I encouraged them to be constantly seeking out the music of folks who may not be the commercial successes of their scene and charged them to be constantly and publicly supporting the music of others.

Then Paula took me out for momos. It was a fantastic time and I’m pumped to get back there soon!