Sideband@UNPLAY_ - 09

I love being in Sideband, the pro touring group that spun out of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, all thanks in large part to the wonderfully warped mind of Doctor Dan Trueman.  For years I’d been poking around the world of electronic music, feeling very much like an outsider, but once I got to Princeton and saw what these crazy talented hilarious bunch of folks were doing, my heart was won.  Instrument builders like Jeff Snyder, ritual electronic music creators like Anne Hege, minimalist mind monsters like Jascha Narveson… the roster went on and on, but the pragmatic and vital incorporation of electronics in the music making was common among them all.  I had to join the ranks!  My first big piece for us falls squarely in my portrait piece series (to read more on that see my description here) – I interviewed members of PLOrk and Sideband, past and present, and made a bit of a documentary of our young ensemble’s trajectory called “WALO” (brownie points if you figure out where the title comes from).  I used basic sampling and synthesis to create the text and music snippets, then built a little max patch to get our laptops to talk to the tether controllers we’ve come to depend on so ardently. You can watch the video below, or read all about WALO in much greater depth in my Sideband Chronicle of the piece.  Enjoy!

WALO by Lainie Fefferman from Sideband PLOrk on Vimeo.