When the fabulous lads of EiO (Experiments in Opera) come a knockin’… you propose your dream project and they tell you to get rockin’!

Photo Aug 23, 16 49 34For a good bit now, I’ve been dipping my toes, then feet, then ankles and shins deeper and deeper into the land of electronic music.  Through our work in laptop ensemble Sideband, my fellow Sidebandits have inspired me take the plunge and create a piece of music entirely conceived and created by yours truly.  I’ll be effect-pedal-singing and drum-pad-triggering and keyboard-playing and laptop-banging it up for a brand new piece on EiO’s Story Binge concert (the second of this series) at Merkin Hall on Thursday, December 15th.  The texts are all going to be retellings of bible stories with the female characters as first person narrators (some friends and I have embarked upon a feminist Torah reading group this summer and it’s inspired me to take some Midrash-ing matters into my own hands!).  It’s a frightening project for so many reasons (fun new tech gadget bills alone! yipes!) but it’s also so exciting making my music this way – I might be hooked if I don’t blow a fuse…



New work to premiere on Experiments in Opera Story Binge II
Thursday, December 15th, at 7:30pm
Merkin Hall
129 West 67th Street, NYC