Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.03.20 PMWhen Alex Weiser over at YIVO (the NYC based Institute for Jewish Research that actually began in Vilna in 1925!) asked me to come over for a chat a few months ago, we ended up talking about everything from racist showtunes to vegetarian gefilte fish.  When he asked me to email him some scores, little did I know he was concocting a fabulous night of new music written by “young and emerging Jewish American composers!”  I guess I must be all those identifiers, because here I find my quirky set of piano miniatures (collectively titled Fünf Kleine Klavierstücke and originally written for young emerging Jewish American pianist Michael Mizrahi) on a program alongside the work of lovely fellow composers David Hertzberg, Julie Hill, Adam Roberts, Alyssa Weinberg, and Alex Weiser himself.  Lee Dionne (of Ensemble ACJW fame) will give the stücke a poke of the ivories this go-round. Come join us for the concert and stay to check out the amazing body of work housed at YIVO and the Center For Jewish History!

And PS: ten points awarded to you if you identify the gorgeous piece of music upon which the above score-section (movement 3 of the 5 stücke) is cheekily based!


Fünf Kleine Klavierstücke
Wednesday, November 2nd, at 7pm
15 West 16th St. NYC