lainie-64-2573142688-OI’m pretty excited to be heading back to my alma mater to give a talk on the lecture series curated by the folks at St. Anthony Hall.  They asked me to speak on any topic my composer’s noodle desires, so I’ve decided to create a tour through my current preoccupation: the management of change and stasis in time-based art.  I’m working up a playlist (offering my own music and the music/work that inspires me) to illustrate the ways in which this kind of structural analysis helps me derive and conceive of form and content in our hugely liberated era of New Music.  I’m hoping to have something for everyone: some real shop talk for the composers, some conceptual questions for the artists, and some ways of experiencing for everyone.


Come let me know what you think! 
(Or find me soon afterward at Pepe’s Pizza a short walk away)

St. Anthony Hall, Yale University New Haven, CT

Talk: The management of Change and Stasis in Time-Based Art
Friday, September 23rd, at 4pm
Yale University
St. Anthony Hall
483 College St
New Haven, Conn