HERElogoHere it is, folks! My first year as a resident composer at the HERE Arts center is about to have its first blossom on the three: my combo story-telling, math-explaining, percussion-hitting, Radiolab meets John Cage with a splash of Georg Cantor, comes to CULTUREMART (like a buffet of workshops of the pieces the HERE fellows are working) Tuesday and Wednesday, March 8th and 9th at 7pm.  I’ll be sharing the bill with kickass HERE co-director Kristin Marting, then at 8:30 the awesome Leah Coloff and the amazing Paul Pinto.

So what will my piece, Elements, look like? It’ll be me telling you about my mathematical nostalgia, and wicked badass members of Mantra Percussion (Mike McCurdy and Joe Bergen) digging their hands into buckets of rice and water to illustrate the uncountable nature of irrational numbers. What will that resemble exactly? I have no idea, really!  Come find out with me!


Elements - a 20-minute work in progress
Tuesday and Wednesday, March 8 & 9, at 7pm
at the HERE Arts Center
145 Avenue of the Americas, NYC