GertrudesBannerJames Moore and Andie Springer – TWO OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD – are having a big blast off for their album release On Saturday, November 21st, at 8pm in Williamsburg at the 17 Frost Theater.  Their album, Gertrudes, is chock full of fantastic (and amazing diverse!) stuff and I’m so proud to have a track on there.  I wrote Fiddly Tune, the piece on the album (the one they’ll be playing at the gig) originally for our band Phthia, (which includes James and Andie, me singing, Missy Mazzoli and Mila Henry on melodicas, and Sara Budde on clarinets), but their duo version of the tune is a delightful romp of sound!  These two folks are the ones I want to grow musically old with, so this is just the beginning you’re hearing on this magnificent album.

The album has pieces by Larry Polansky, Paula Matthusen, James Moore, Ken Thomson, Robert Ashley, and me.

(If you listen carefully, you’ll hear me and Jascha Narveson make a guest appearance on one of these excellent tracks!)

So come party to celebrate the birth of Gertrudes! SCORPION VS SNAKE (Nathan Koci, accordion; Emily Hope Price, cello and voice) and REENA SPAULINGS BAND (Richard Maxwell, Jim Fletcher and many friends) will also offer up some great tunes in celebration!

…and I may or may not be bartending the event.  I can neither confirm nor deny…


Saturday at 8pm, November 21st
James Moore & Andie Springer: Gertrudes Album Release Party
at the 17 Frost Theater - 17 Frost St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn