ImpostorPhenomenonBookCoverI am so thrilled to be letting my Elefant trumpet blare for the first time!  On Sunday, March 8, on the last of their speakOUT concert series, Hotel Elefant will give the premiere of my piece that they commissioned last fall – it’s called Impostor Syndrome, and it’s scored for Violin (the dazzling Andie Springer), cello (the inimitable Caliegh Drane) and piano (the glorious Sugar Vendhil).  The trio will be digging hard into their instruments, but they’ll also be speaking some texts that are very personal to me – text from an article written by two psychologists, Dr. Pauline Rose Clance and Dr. Suzanne Imes (pictured below).


These two researchers studied what they would name “The Imposter Phenomenon” – the anxiety surrounding internal feelings of intellectual inferiority.  Despite any amount of achievement or confirmed aptitude, people suffering from what the press would later deem “Imposter Syndrome” maintain their fear that they are actually undeserving and may be discovered as such at any time.  Their research (find their first article on the subject here) found that these feelings of inadequacy, these suspicions that one’s true inferiority and undeserving condition will be “found out” by ones colleagues eventually, were particularly common and particularly intense in communities of high achieving women.  I find this phenomenon hugely fascinating, and in writing this piece I explored my own recollections of having felt inadequacy or ineptitude in my own life and work.  At the very least, I hope I get a conversation started!  I really wonder how this is affecting the progress of a wide swath of women in their careers and in their lives…

So come on out!  This program looks pretty killer – pieces by Alex Temple and Jenny Olivia Johnson, Paola Prestini, and a new piece by Leaha Maria!  There’s some difficult subject matter that’ll be featured in this concert, so come and get a stiff drink and open your ears and mind!

Impostor Syndrome – for Hotel Elefant
8pm Sunday, March 8th at Subculture