Mellissa Hughes and NewspeakA couple of years ago, I started an epically long project to write an epically long piece about an epically huge subject: The Hebrew Bible.  Specifically, I wanted to write songs that showcased the wonkier bits of the bible – the ones I’ve been thinking about over and over again for a decade or so.  I still can’t quite figure out exactly what I think or feel about them.  Good material for a big piece, huh?

So what came out?  a 45 minute piece for Newspeak, (showcasing the amazing vocal talents of Mellissa Hughes and Caleb Burhans) and angel-singers Martha Cluver and Caroline Shaw.  We workshopped it on a Sound Kitchen concert at Princeton University on May 8th of 2012, but we’re bringing it to Roulette for its Brooklyn premiere on May 1st!

Thanks to support from Jerome FoundationRoulette offered me a residency this year that allowed this monster piece to come together.  You can see a trailer we made for the piece below, and you can buy tickets from Roulette here.

Here I Am – for Newspeak and Va Vocals
8pm Thursday, May 1st at Roulette