scrabbleJames Moore is pretty much my favorite person.  I’ve written more music for this guitar hero than for any other person, and it’s always a blast.

The piece he’s playing at Spectrum, Three Necks, is part of my portrait pieces project (for more on this long-term feature of Lainie-life, take a visit to the page I made for the portrait piece I wrote for Kathy Supové).  I recorded a scrabble game I played with James and Jascha Narveson (scrabble figures prominently in our friendship!) and made a tape track out of the wacky musings of our merry trio.  It’s a cozy, wacky piece that was largely inspired by James’s gorgeous performances of John Zorn’s music.  He’ll be playing Zorn’s Dominoes and a bunch of Lou Harrison stuff on this concert as well!  It’s a night called “Born Into Flames,” a series curated by the inimitable John King.

This will be the NYC premiere of this piece, so come on out and give a listen to this brand new kid on the portrait piece block!

8:45 Friday, March 7th at Spectrum