Ruckers_CembaloWhen Cynthia Hiebert, the talented, sparky, Canadian harpsichordist emailed me a few months ago to ask if I had a piece for baroque violin and harpsichord, I almost drooled on my laptop.  Harpsichord and baroque violin are two of my all time favorite instruments!  They’re so sweet and tangy, nostalgic but also very modern sounding, fitting in beautifully with my taste and aesthetic.  “Hooray!” I replied.  “I do have a piece for violin and piano that I think would sound BETTER on their baroque ancestors!”  The piece I offered her to finish off the baroque recital was Awkward Waltz, a movement from a commission I got years ago from Joel Lambdin and MANI ensemble.  It’s a little 90 second thing, almost a waltz but… halting and bobbing and weaving, and heavily laced with increasing numbers of inappropriate chromaticism.  Sadly, they didn’t get to record their performance, but I heard it was a hit with the folks of the great white North, so I’m hoping it’ll happen again soon!

Performance happened on Sunday January 12th, at the Registry Theater in Kitchener.