Well, it’s finally here! After cooking this choir piece for 6 months or so, it’s coming out of the oven, all warm and crispy.  I handed Grace & Spiritus, in answer to their lovely commission, a quirky little guy… or should I say big guy: a 20-minute tour of some of my favorite vocal techniques that outlines the emotional trajectory of an average workday.  In twelve short, mostly textless movements, I go from a whistled dawn, to a bright and hockety morning, to a snoozy glissando afternoon, and finally taking rest in a barely audible hum. While writing the piece, I thought a lot about the shape and feeling that characterized the majority of my days, ignoring the details and specifics, but reveling in the familiar arc of daily experience.


I’m asking a lot of this choir, physically and mentally.  I’ve tried out some of these ideas for small ensemble before, but come hear their grand entrance in to the big-ass choir world!


So yeah – come hear these guys!  Performances happen:

7:00 PM, Friday, January 24th: St. Ann & The Holy Trinity Church, 157 Montague Street, Brooklyn NY
….wine and tidbit reception to follow!

7:00 PM, Saturday, January 25th: Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, 85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn NY
….wine and tidbit reception to follow!

3:00 PM, Sunday, January 26th: All Saints Episcopal Church, 286-88 7th Avenue, Brooklyn NY