IMG_2065Making music with James Moore and Andie Springer is pretty much like ordering an ice cream sundae with cayenne pepper on top – sweet and crazy!  A few years ago, to welcome the magnificent Andie to my band Phthia, I wrote her a fun, folky song to get our toes a’tapping.  She and James developed this duo version of the tune and have been playing it around a bunch.  I love seeing them play it – it’s impossible not to smile.

This Sunday, October 13th, they bring it to the National Concert Hall in Dublin at 8:30pm.  Their program is really diverse and really theatrical. (I’ve heard them play these pieces by Robert Ashley, Larry Polansky, and friends Paula Matthusen and Ken Thomson before – they’re really fantastic.)  For more info on the concert, check out the National Concert Hall’s website:

Gosh…second Lainie-in-Dublin gig this fall… I guess I’m big in Dublin!