I’m here with Jascha Narveson in Stockholm, walking the adorable and/or design-y streets and seeing an amazing, giant, centuries-old ship.  I’m also eating REALLY GOOD HERRING SANDWICHES, thanks to the always reliable recs of Mr. Cameron Britt.

But on Tuesday, the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference / Sound and Music Computing Conference  (yes, together they are one mega-conference… like Voltron) begins, and I’m going to learn things like how to model a recorder’s soundwaves in 3D space, how to integrate data from car-trips into a real-time composition algorithm, and how to sonify the biological functions of plants!  How neat is that?!  Master Narveson gives his talk on LANdini, his wireless networking, magical syncing application on Wednesday!  And Dr. Jeff Snyder does his amazing electronische sound on Thursday night… watch out for some Lainie-spatializing of those crazy sounds!