so-percussion-thumbI’ve loved SO Percussion since they were a twinkle in the Yale Percussion Studio’s eye… I’d sneak in the unlockable window of their Hendrie Hall space and tinker with their toys and pester them during their Drumming rehearsals or So Called Laws of Nature shedding sessions.  What an institution they’ve become!  I love these guys so much.


So of course, when they came to Princeton, I had to write them a piece.  They kind of hated me, and justifiably so – I ended up writing a crazy thing that required all four of them to make extensive use of the fabulously mysterious sounding, but physically painful-to-play Aboriginal instrument, the bullroarer.  I think it was Eric whose fingers were actually bleeding by the end of the concert.  Dude, I’m sorry!  It sounded awesome!  (I think Princeton ended up buying tons of extra insurance for that concert… four guys spinning heavy, pointy, wooden objects very fast in a crowded concert hall aren’t generally covered in normal event insurance!)

The title comes from a seminar I took with my good buddy, the lovely composer Konrad Kaczmarek, who brought in a little piano riff that totally obsessed me and made its way into several parts of this piece.


ANYWAY, Here’s an excerpt from that piece…