JACKHenrikOlund1aI’ve been lucky enough to work with this fab four a couple of times – each time they dazzle me with their unbelievable skill, commitment, and love for the music they play.  Few groups embrace such a huge diversity of musics with as much panache as these guys.

Anyway! You probably know and love the JACK Quartet already.  You probably haven’t heard my new piece for them, though… that’s because I haven’t finished it…

I was really struck by a graphic novel I read called Market Day by James Sturm – it’s about a visionary rug maker in turn-of-the-century Europe, who is fast coming to the realization that he can longer support his family doing the art he loves.  It’s a poignant story told lovingly by Sturm with his stark, but warm illustration.

What you’ll hear below is a short fragment/study that I wrote as a piece of a larger project – I’m hoping to set the whole book to music over the course of the coming years.  Ideally, I’d love for this to end up being a live-string-quartet soundtrack to projections of the novel itself.  The pictures are so moving.  I’m not sure quite how the mechanics of this are going to work, but JACK is fabulously supportive and I’m hoping to find the perfect producer for this eventually, so stay tuned for more details!