Nancy Nowacek (of building a bridge from Brooklyn to Governors Island fame) and David Sheinkopf (director of technology at the amazing Pioneerworks) curate a fabulous series on technology and the body called “MVR.” In their own words, MVR is: “a platform for sharing projects and ideas concerning these new interactions between body and information, device, and action and explores an expansive breadth of subjects and technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, robots, video games, choreography, and machine learning. Speakers represent a wide spectrum of expertise–coding, dance, anthropology, furniture design–and have included Gene Kogan, Liat Berdugo, Daniel Temkin, and Robert Yang.”

As part of MVR 3.1, I am so pumped to go chat with folks about my quest for physically satisfying, visually compelling, portable and robust HCI (human computer interface) instruments. I know my work with White Fire and Sideband will be my structural foci in my presentation, but ultimately I’m excited to get a general discussion going with a diverse crowd of artists and technologists about what makes an instrument-interface satisfying to play and watch. Admission is free with RSVP, so why not come join the chat!


MVR 3.1
Tuesday, February 6th, at 7pm
29 Norman Ave, Brooklyn
Link to event page (with RSVP link) here