Sideband@UNPLAY_ - 09Hotel Elefant and Sideband - two of my favorite new music gangs of folks in existence. LUCKILY, I get to work with BOTH of them on Friday, November 10th, when I play laptop/tethers on Jascha Narveson‘s new pieces for Sideband. Living with the composer has its advantages: I’ve watched his little puddles of code turn into gorgeous, playful pieces of acoustic electronic music. His brain-twisting relationship to pulse and rhythm comes through strongly in this set, as does his keen ear for pitch and texture. Come on out for Narveson’s new work for Sideband (guest staring the amazing composer/bari sax player Shelley Washington) and revel in the beautiful piano stylings of Kirtsten Volness as she presents a set pieces newly augmented with electronic elements.

So yeah… fun fabulous talented people and you get to watch Lainie fiddle with laptops and golf-game controllers. What’s not to love?



Hotel Elefant presents Volness & Narveson
Friday, November 10th, at 7:30pm 
at Scholes Street Studio
375 Lorimer St, Brooklyn