When I saw Transient Canvas play at New Music Gathering a few years ago, my jaw dropped. They are just what I crave from ensemble playing: focused, energetic, joyful, and AMAZINGLY linked in their playing, movement and breathing. And of course, you know, marimba and bass clarinet – what’s not to love. So when they asked for a piece, it was a no brainer. I love the dark, but cozy sound of both of these instruments, and since this commission’s due date came right alongside my new fascination with the Danish idea of “Hygge” (loosely translated as coziness, but seemingly much more potent than that word would indicate as a cultural priority) I decided to give a little bit of explicitly dark and cozy to their repertoire.  Behold, the floating, breath-paced duo for marimba and bass clarinet: Hyggelig. TC will be playing my bit of cozy alongside works by David Ibbett, Clifton Ingram, Peter Van Zandt Lane, Stefanie Lubkowski, Andy Vores, and Beth Wiemann. If you’re up in New England, hope you can come out and give a listen! Bring wooly socks and cocoa…


Transient Canvas premieres Hyggelig in March 2017
Friday, March 3rd, at 8:00PM
The Music Mansion
88 Meeting Street
Providence, RI

Saturday, March 4th, at 8:00PM
Third Life Studio
33 Union Square
Somerville, MA