JamesAndAndieAtDrunkAs part of this awesome LABA fellowship that I have at the 14th Street Y this year, I create my first new piece of art!  Every other week since September, this amazing group of Jewish writers, artists, musicians, dancers, and film makers get together and read sacred Jewish texts that deal with notions of physical beauty. It’s been such a trip so far and I’m so greatly looking forward to what the rest of this year has to bring!  Being around folks who make vastly different stuff from me, and talking to them about beauty and process and wacky Jewish thought has been eye-opening!

So this first public event of the residency, DRUNK, happens on Thursday, January 21st at the Y. It’s a night of wine tasting and celebration of the beauty in the grape! There will be readings and play scenes and wild performance art with challah bread dresses! These are cool fellows I’m lucky enough to be among.

My contribution is that, for each of the four wines that have been chosen for tasting, I’ve composed a micro-piece for the dynamically dazzling duo of James Moore and Andie Springer . I’ve gotta say, as writing processes go, getting the four wines in advance and tasting them along with James and Andie and my ever lovin’ Jascha Narveson and all of us talking about the notes we tasted and heard and saw, ranks just about the most fun I’ve ever had in pre-composition mode :)

So come on out and hear the wines through the lens of our brains!


Thursday, January 21st, 7:30pm
14th St. Y
344 East 14th St – NYC