here_artsI am SO excited to have been chosen to join the other HARPers (HERE Arts Residency Program) at the HERE Arts Center! The magic that Kim Whitener and Kristin Marting make over there is unbelieveable.  I just had a meeting with them where they essentially said that HERE Arts was there to make sure I make the art I want to make with all the support they can give.  HOLY CANNOLI, I’m grateful and revved up for this multi-year resdiency!

Euclid's_Elements_1573_EditionThe project I’m going to make during the HARP dream time will be an multimedia math opera!  That’s right… A MULTIMEDIA MATH OPERA!  Details soon to follow, but check out the RIDICULOUSLY talented lineup of wonderful folks who are taking this dive with me!  Mellissa Hughes, Martha Cluver, and Caroline Shaw will be singing the tunes, and Mantra Percussion will be banging on the things!  Also, as a new thing for me, I’ll be generating the structure and aesthetic of the piece right alongside Eric Southern, a phenomenal lighting designer who will bring the math to life for our eyes as I hope to bring it right to your ears!

We had a first workshopping of the piece in March (2016) during HERE’s CULTUREMART series – video edit of that sketch is in the works, so check back later if you’re curious…

caroline hughes martha-cluverMantra-4