ETHEL_2012_13_byJamesEwing_1_homepageETHEL, that powerhouse of Downtown awesome, asked me to write them a piece a while back as part of their Homebaked commissioning project (along with my commission, they asked the awesome Hannis Brown, Ulysses Owens Jr., and Dan Friel).  I decided to write them a portrait piece (to learn more about that crazy undertaking, check out my page about my original portrait piece for Kathy Supové) and thus my antics-filled fiasco, The Pirate’s Daughter, was born!

One sweaty, beer stained day a little while ago, we recorded a rehearsal and the amazing Steve Taylor made a lovely video to capture the tone and timbre of the thing.  Take a look and come on out May 11th when they tear it up at Drom!

7:15 Sunday, May 11th at Drom